We have joined the Navarra Automotive Cluster

ACAN, the platform that promotes the interests of all companies and agents in the Value Chain of the Automotive sector in Navarra, to improve competitiveness through cooperation and consolidate Navarra as an excellent region in this sector.

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Visit to the EROWA LTD headquarters in Switzerland

The constant desire to maximize the efficiency of our processes, and our concern to transform our business with the Connected Industry, encourage us to visit the EROWA plant in Büron, Switzerland. Another breakthrough adapting INAME to Industry 4.0

Rebranding Iname

We have made the most of the summer to achieve a makeover: new logo, changes in and outside of our headquarters,… even we have changed the website. In fact more than 30 years of continuous work takes a lot of wear. That is why we took advantage of the San Fermín holiday break to have some rest and give a more shiny appearance to our headquarters.

  • Change of logo
  • Change of façade
  • Changes indoors

We have even encouraged to modernize our slogan and website.

“Iname, technological precision machining”

But no matter how wide the change has been, we continue working with the same passion, dedication and effort as always. With the same qualified staff we fully trust.

Visit to the Automotive Meetings in Mexico

INAME has traveled to Mexico to engage the Automotive Meetings in Querétaro which took place since February 19th to 21st. These meetings mainly aim to put in contact different international companies in the automotive sector.

Automotive Meetings Querétaro is an event for the automotive supply chain in Mexico. It aims to generate meetings between Mexican and international companies, to discuss opportunities for collaboration, as well as to arrange meetings between OEMS, their Tier1 suppliers, manufacturing companies and SMEs willing to capture new business opportunities through their operations in Mexico.

The first two editions of Automotive Meetings Querétaro, held in 2013 and 2015, were attended by the most prominent automotive companies, manufacturers of heavy vehicles, buses and trucks.

We share the published new about this on the Navarra´s county press:

Sinaex asiste a los Automotive Meetings en Querétaro

El Grupo Sinaex tuvo varias reuniones en su ‘stand’.

El Grupo Sinaex participó en los Automotive Meetings en Querétaro (México) que tuvieron lugar del 19 al 21 de febrero. Estos encuentros tienen como objetivo poner en contacto a diferentes empresas internacionales del sector de la automoción.

Sinaex se formó en 2015 con la agrupación de cuatro empresas navarras del sector del metal-mecánico: Iname-Mecaprena, Mecanizados Inaher, Enpa Engranajes y Talleres Atondoa. Este grupo está gerenciado por la consultora experta en comercio Internacional ASR International Commerce Consultants.


Tras varios años en Europa, Sinaex ha decidido ampliar su mercado a México, explicaba Pilar Cabañas, Socia Directora de ASR International, quien acompañó al grupo en este viaje “apoyado por el Plan Internacional del Gobierno de Navarra que promueve la internacionalización agrupada de empresas”.

Durante su viaje aprovecharon para visitar las seder de Mondragón Assembly y Kirchhoff Automotive.

Durante su viaje aprovecharon para visitar las sede de Mondragón Assembly y Kirchhoff Automotive.

El primer día de la cuarta edición de esta feria, el 19 de febrero, fue inaugurada por el Gobernador del Estado de Querétaro, Francisco Domínguez Servién, al que le siguieron diversas conferencias de grandes empresas.

Durante los dos días siguientes se llevaron a cabo los ‘meetings‘, los encuentros entre empresas. “Estamos satisfechos con nuestros resultados”, señalaba Pilar Cabañas, “hemos tenido más de 20 reuniones con empresas mexicanas y españolas instaladas ahí”. Además, también tuvieron encuentros con instituciones y clústeres. Previamente a su participación en Automotive Meetings, visitaron las empresas Mondragón Assembly, en su sede de Querétaro, así como Kirchhoff Automotive para conocer la situación del sector en México y analizar posibles colaboraciones.

Los objetivos de este viaje eran “acercarse al mercado mexicano, conocer cómo funciona nuestro sector ahí, contactar con posibles clientes y vías de acceso en este país”, señalaba Cabañas. “Pensamos que es un mercado con muchas oportunidades”, continuaba y señalaba que en otras ferias también han conseguido resultados positivos, ya que “es una forma muy eficiente de entrar en contacto”.

De cara al futuro más próximo, son conscientes de que contaran con dificultades “como la distancia y el proteccionismo de Estados Unidos” y sus siguientes pasos serán “analizar toda la información y ver cuál es la mejor manera de continuar” y una nueva feria, esta vez en Lyon (Francia), la próxima semana.

Leer noticias original en Navarra Capital.

Open Day at DMG MORI in PFRONTEN 2019

INAME has been one more year in the Open Day held by DMG MORI Open House Pfronten which took place since 22nd to 26th of January. The plant located in Pfronten (Germany) is leader in 5-axis technology and large machines production. During those days more than 70 machines were exhibited machining live.

Thanks to these visits we can know about the latest novelties in DMG MORI brand, and help us analyzing our real needs and different options for a future machine purchase and investment. Iname has full trust on this company´s products because of their high quality standard, that is why we like to go every year to see the best and latest innovations in our market. We firmly believe in the philosophy of continuous improvement, and this requires investment in machinery. The result: guaranteed quality and customer satisfaction.

New Machinery

  • Multipallet system composed of LPP of 39 workstations. The LPP (linear pallet warehouse) is a state-of-the-art system and high automation with work stations stored on three floors. It provides unparalleled productive flexibility, since the configuration and programming can be adapted to the needs of the client, also providing maximum productivity and performance.
  • With 2 charging stations.
  • It has 2 machining centers.
  • X = 730.
  • Y = 730.
  • Z = 850.
  • B = 360000º.
  • High production equipment for parts up to 700 Kg.
  • Renishaw RMP60 probe.
  • 44 KW

It is our philosophy of constant search for improvement, the innovation of our processes, together with a permanent investment in technology that allows us to place ourselves at the level of the requirement of all the industrial sectors for which we work.

Because of this and after learning about the latest in the market, Iname has made a strong investment in latest machinery to continue at the forefront in the machining sector. We have acquired two machines MORI-SEIKI NH5000DCG PALETIZADO HORIZONTAL.


This way we ensure to our customers greater precision and flexibility, as well as an increasing productivity. We present our new machines: MORI-SEIKI NH5000DCG PALETIZADO HORIZONTAL

The NH5000 DCG is a high precision horizontal machining center of the NH Series, is equipped with a 500 mm square pallet and uses the original technologies of the DCG (Guided from the Center of Gravity) of DMG MORI as standard and the DDM (Direct drive engine) as an option. Reach the highest speed in its class. It has prepared spindles for cones of 40 and 50 for this model. The 40-cone machine offers a wide working environment and space saving at the same time, while the 50-cone machine is oriented towards high cutting capacity. The two varieties of spindle will solve a wide range of production problems in the machining of parts, providing high productivity.

DCG technology

  • Longer tool life.
  • Improved roundness and surface quality.
  • Perfect acceleration

Direct Drive motor technology

  • The fastest rotation shaft drive system in the world and without gaps.
  • High speed rotation and high precision division.
  • Less maintenance and longer life.

Compact Design

  • Machine height 3138 mm (123.5 in) (type 40).
  • Width x depth of the machine 2725 x 4610 mm (107.3 x 181.5 in) (type 40).
  • Design for optimization of space and large work area, with a 10% reduction in the covered area (in the case of the NH5000 DCG type 40) compared to other existing machines.

BIEMH 2018 Bilbao Fair

We have visited the Biennial International Machine-Tool event that took place in Bilbao in this month of May, in order to catch up utmost on all the market news. The amount of 1,751 exhibiting firms with more than 3,000 products, and 42,455 visitors have participated in this edition.

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