From 27th to 30th of March we have attended the MIDEST 2018 next to the rest of the companies that set SINAEX Group. It is one of the first outsourcing worldwide fairs and the most important in France, a European Union country that has the most active industrial subcontracting market, along with Germany. It can be the key to introduce or consolidate the presence of Spanish companies in France, the first international market for our companies, and also in the rest of Europe.

In the last edition of Midest, 1,360 exhibitors from 38 countries participated, and 35,616 professionals from 77 countries attended the fair.

The activities represented at the fair are: metal transformation, boilermaking, forging, smelting, tools, molds, machining with chip removal, transformation by cutting and deformation, surface and thermal treatments, industrial fixing, electronics and electricity, plastics, rubber and composites, and semi-finished products.

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