As usual for us in INAME, we have gone one more year to the traditional open day of the company DMG MORI in PFRONTEN, Germany, held from 30th of January to 2nd of February. There, we have learned more about integrated digitalization solutions, since this company encourages digital workflows as a fundamental step towards digital manufacturing.

As they point out: ”In the new year, Industry 4.0 remains the main theme in the manufacture of machine tools. In the process, DMG MORI dynamically evolves towards a turnkey solutions global partner. CELOS offers a portfolio of modular solutions for the integral digitalization of the factory: of machines, processes and services.

In the Dr. Holger Rudzio´s view, Managing Director of DMG MORI Software Solutions, the workshop is the central part of all digitalization. The biggest advantage in his opinion: the digital transformation can be done step by step, “from the bottom up” instead of “from the top down”; from machining processes, through digital workflows and to interconnected integral digital factories. One project after another and from one success to the next!

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