Sinaex Group has become the only entity of non-French origin that was awarded in Midest Fair, Paris 2016, the most important event for the industrial outsourcing sector in Europe held in the capital city of France.

The generation of synergies and the joint work between the members of  Sinaex Group in addition to the financial support received from the Internacional Plan of Navarra, PIN , has enabled the group to win the “Partnership and Alliances” prize; one of the seven granted by the organization of the Midest Fair, in Paris, the most important event for the industrial outsourcing industry throughout Europe.

MIDEST is the reference platform and exchanges between contractors and subcontractors.

It is the hall that enables collaborations and eases knowledge of technical news, at the service of manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and assemblers who wish to come together with the suppliers of solutions in the field of transformation of metals, wood, plastics, electronics, micro techniques , information technology and services for the industry.

Visitor Profile:

  • Mechanical constructions: 16%
  • Automobile: 12%
  • Steel / Metallurgy: 11%
  • Aeronautics, Space: 7%
  • Engineering: 6%
  • Consultancy firms: 6%
  • Industrial Maintenance: 4%
  • Electrical constructions: 4%
  • Electronics: 4%
  • Nuclear Energy: 4%
  • Accessories, Luxury: 3%
  • Railway material: 3%
  • Construction and public works: 3%
  • Chemical and Para-chemical industry: 2%
  • Health, Medical: 2%
  • Machinery and tools: 2%
  • Agrifood: 2%
  • Packaging: 1%
  • Environment: 1%
  • Furniture: 1%
  • Administration / Collectives: 1%
  • Armament: 1%
  • Telecommunications: 1%