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Our quality policy is based on the commitment of INAME-MECAPRENA Groupmanagement, as well as of everyone comprising the group, to establish our activity in the System Quality management according to the DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 standard. The INAME-MECAPRENA Group management is committed to offering our clients a product that meets the established competitive and high quality requirements. It is also committed to establishing the internal conditions to carry out the verifications, provide the adequate resources, and assign trained personnel to perform the verification activities.

The reward for the effort undertaken to implement a culture of quality was the quality certificate we received and issued by TV CERT of TV Anlagentechnik GmbH in June 1997.

Every day we strive to continue to make quality a habit and a framework of reference in our company.

TV CERT Certificate (Click here to see)

The resources that allow us to strengthen our commitment to quality mainly include a heated measuring room which guarantees ever-stable measurement conditions, as well as a THREE-DIMENSIONAL motorised ZEISS measuring machine (PMC - 850 CARAT) that reliably ensures the quality of the parts produced and achieve compliance with the requirements of quality and precision of our clients.


Past December 15, 2012, we were recognized as a company implementing the metodology of R&D&I.

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